Who We Are

CHRC is a Christ-centered Westside resource center empowering individuals and families in crisis to become sustainable through holistic individualized services, accountability and grace.

What We Do

In 2015 as a result of working one-on-one with a mentor and engaging in our programs…

  • 175 clients have successfully completed our mentoring program and no longer needed our assistance due to achieving their various goals and becoming financially sustainable.
  • 94 clients have reduced their debt due to the financial classes.
  • 139 began proactively addressing chronic health issues through local healthcare after creating health goals in their mentoring meetings.
  • 49 clients reduced their medication use due prevention measures taught through nutrition classes and by eating healthier using nutritious food assistance at CHRC’s pantry.
  • 33 clients obtained permanent, safe and adequate housing.
  • 49 have obtained employment.
  • 140 have increased their income from employment or other income assistance programs.
  • 6 have completed their GED; 1 completed Associate’s degree; 1 Bachelor’s Degree; 1 other degree

Increased sustainable Income: 75% of clients reported having a sustainable increase in income as a result of learning better ways of managing money, gaining employment, and/or obtaining other new income source.

Increased access to and knowledge of eating healthy92% of clients reported healthier eating habits and increase in quality of nutritious food as a result of receiving healthy and balanced nutrition assistance at CHRC as well as increased knowledge gained in the nutrition classes.

Better money management: 81% of CHRC clients reported making changes to better manage the household finances as a result of the mandatory and 8 week financial literacy classes.