Stories of Hope


Dennis came to San Antonio from Virginia on a Greyhound bus in 2013 to help a friend who was struggling and going through a rough divorce. In route, his luggage was stolen and all he had was a backpack and a few belongings when he arrived. He became homeless. Continue reading “Dennis”


Juana was a victim of domestic violence for years. She left her seven children in Mexico and came with her abusive husband to the US. Juana finally left her abusive husband but had no other family or friends in San Antonio. Continue reading “Juana”


Celia felt like life was hectic. She felt alone and overwhelmed she was raising her biological children and adopted her grandchildren as a single parent.  She also was dealing with a number financial problems.  Continue reading “Celia”


Carmen was depressed due to the broken relationships in her home.  She rarely wanted to leave the confines of her home and lacked community in her life.  Continue reading “Carmen”